One-on-One & General Training

In response to requests from fellow treasure hunters, we do offer individual or small group training for specific models or types of treasure hunting.  We travel a good deal so there is an opportunity to meet up with individuals to conduct training and some in-field instruction.


If you are interested in this specific training or one of our general introduction to treasure hunting sessions, please contact us so we can see what is on the schedule.-on-one training can quickly bring you to a level where you make quality finds on a regular basis regardless of what you might be searching for.


Obviously timing and location will dictate if a one-on-one session is possible; however, I do travel extensively and am generally available when back in the home area so a call to discuss logistics is a great way to see what is available.


If you are frustrated with your equipment and are questioning your purchase, get in touch with us through the options on the Contact page and let's talk. You may find that a simple adjustment is all that it takes to start making great finds on a regular basis. If additional instruction is warranted, we can try and setup a time when we can get together and really get you "tuned up" with your equipment. We may also find out that the detector you have is really not the right one for your area and application because there really is no one detector that does it all.


We look forward to talking with you!


Andy & Charlene Sabisch

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