Training . . . What it Means to You

My name is Andy Sabisch and I am the lead instructor for training provided by Treasure Hunting Outfitters.  Those who have met me at shows, seminars, in the field or just communicated with me by phone or E-mail over the years know, I truly enjoy sharing my experience with others and can do it in a way that makes things “click” in short order.  The training offered by Treasure Hunting Outfitters is a venue that ensures anyone interested in treasure hunting can find more with the time they have with any type of equipment they may own.  Treasure Hunting Outfitters will assemble other seasoned treasure hunters as instructors for specific types of training to ensure you learn from the best.  You will quickly see the quality and quantity of your finds increase after attending one of our seminars.


The training has been developed to provide you with a “road map” that, if followed, will ensure you are successful in the field regardless of the type of treasure hunting you are involved in or type of equipment you use.  Treasure Hunting Outfitters  will also offer specialized training on specific detector or type of treasure hunting to further improve your success!


Treasure Hunting Outfitters will be providing seminars as well as one-on-one training at locations across the country.  We encourage you to check back to see what venues have been selected or send an E-mail to let us know what location you would be interested in seeing us visit and what equipment you have questions on.


We will be conducting Introduction to Treasure Hunting evening or weekend sessions for those that are looking at getting started the right way . . . learn about the equipment that is available, what type of treasure you can find and how to find it.  You would be amazed at what you can find within blocks of where you live.  Charles Garrett, founder of Garrett Electronics, said that an army of treasure hunters could not recover everything that has been lost with a 25 mile radius of any location in the United States.  If you are interested in knowing when the next local class is being held, give us a call and see if we have space available.


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