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Treasure Hunting Outfitters is a company with a face behind the name.  When you contact us, you will be talking to Andy or Charlene and not someone that is simply taking orders.  We spend our free time in the field trying equipment and ensuring we know what works for specific types of hunting.  So exactly who are we . . . .


Well, let’s start with Andy.  In his words, “My interest in treasure hunting began when I received a basic metal detector as a Christmas gift in 1964 and has remained high over the years.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to virtually every corner of the world as part of my job as well as on personal trips and hunted for all types of lost and buried treasure.  Wreck diving along the East Coast, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, prospecting for gold throughout the Western United States, Georgia and Alaska, detecting the old ghost towns in the United States, Canada, Mexico and eastern Europe; hunting for bottles in New England and the deep South; searching for military artifacts from wars dating back over 2,000 years; beach & coin hunting throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe and South America and attending 100’s of competition hunts & shows - treasure hunting has an truly become an integral part of my life!


When I first got started in the hobby, I was fortunate to have had many of the legendary treasure hunters at the time “take a shine” to me.  They provided me with their secrets so to speak which built the foundation for my current skill set and that is what I draw upon when I pen articles, books and conduct training.  During the past 30+ years I have published more than 3,000 articles in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world along with more than a dozen books on treasure hunting.  I have tried my hand at virtually every facet of the hobby and as a result, have acquired a wealth of knowledge that I welcome the opportunity to share with others who are interested in seeking lost treasures.  I have worked with many of the major manufacturers in the design and field testing of new detectors and have been one of the primary field test writers for Lost Treasure Magazine for more than 35 years.


My philosophy is that I simply use what works PERIOD! I am not brand-loyal to the point I will ignore how another detector might work for the sake of sticking with a specific brand.   I am willing to switch off if a new unit is released that works better in my area or for a specific application.  With more than 30 detectors in my stable along with a pile of other gear ranging from accessories to Scuba equipment, gold dredges and more, I can help you decide on what might be the best piece of equipment for your specific needs.  My recommendations are based on what will best suit your needs based on your area, what you are searching for, features that are important to you and what your budget might be . . . . none of the manufacturers build bad equipment - it's just that a certain brand or model is usually better suited for a specific application and this is what we recommend.”


Charlene took up metal detecting several years ago but has become a seasoned detectorist in her own right since then.  Having hunted for treasure across the United States and in England, she regularly brings home the find of the day.  Her philosophy is simple . . . “I will make sure that you are buying the right piece of equipment for your needs and it is not always the most expensive item on the shelf.  I have had customers coming into the store asking for a specific model that they saw on the Internet or TV and after talking with them and seeing what they wanted to search for, recommended a lower priced unit that they were extremely happy with.  I want to make sure you have the right piece of equipment to make the most out of your time in the field!


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