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The new XP ORX Includes the Best Loved Features of the Popular XP DEUS
Choose from 2 factory Gold Programs, 2 factory Coin Programs (and they work as
excellent Relic programs as well) and 2 slots where you can save your own customized
programs. Whether you are an experienced metal detector user or a beginner, the ORX
is easy to use. Powerful pre-configured factory programs enable all users to get started
immediately while experienced detectorists can customize the settings and select
advanced options.
The ORX has a very easy to understand menu with all of the functions accessed by a
simple press of a touchpad. Settings that can be adjusted in any of the six modes

  • 99 levels of Sensitivity
  • Wide range of frequencies with the stock HF coils (13kHz to 81kHz)
  • Compatible with the Deus X35 coils for an additional range of frequencies and performance
  • 99 levels of discrimination + 5 levels of IAR Discrimination in Gold programs
  • 20 levels of Threshold
  • 4 levels of Reactivity
  • Iron Tone with Pitch audio (ON/OFF)
  • Ground balance: manual adjustment from 60 to 90 or automatic (fast grab)
  • Salt mode ground rejection: 00-25
  • Large LCD screen display showing Target ID/ Iron probability.
  • Pinpoint function with target zoom
  • Compatible with the MI6 wireless pinpointer


Other Features of the ORX include:
Fast Target Response Speed - The ORX is a fast and selective detector. Easily locate
good targets in close proximity to junk that other detectors miss.
Lightest Weight + Rugged: Weighing in at just 1 Pound 14 Ounces the ORX includes
the patented XP LITE stem which has the combined advantages of an S-shaped stem
and a straight telescopic stem. It enables you to deploy or fold away the device for
transport in just a few seconds and to change the coil in an instant.
Patented Radio Frequency Wireless - The ORX is innovative in terms of metal
detector design as it offers an unique system based on different wireless elements
communicating via a digital radio link. All components - LCD Remote Display,
Headphones and the optional MI-6 Pinpointer communicate wirelessly! No more cables
to get tangled in or break.
Lithium Batteries provide approximately 20 hours of continuous detecting time

GO TERRAIN Smart Phone Application that provides valuable tools for use in the
field - (Coming in 2019)
Choice of Coils: You can choose from four coil options the HF 9” round coil, HF 9.5”x5” elliptical coil, the 9" X35 coil, or the 11" X35 coil . . and then
add other coils if your needs call for them.


5 Year Warranty - Made in France with a USA Service Center

XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with Back-lit Display + WSAudio Wireless Headphone + 9" Round DD High Frequency Waterproof Coil

ORX 9"
795.00 USD

Our Price


XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with Back-lit Display + WSAudio Wireless Headphone + 9.5" Elliptical DD High Frequency Waterproof Coil

9.5" ORX
795.00 USD

Our Price


XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with Back-lit Display + FX- 02 Wired Headphone + 9" X35 Waterproof Coil

9" X35 - ORX
649.00 USD

Our Price


XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector with Back-lit Display + FX- 02 Wired Headphone + 11" X35 Waterproof Coil

11" X 35 - ORX
649.00 USD

Our Price

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