When you buy your XP Deus from Treasure Hunting Outfitters, you are buying from the author of the factory-authorized definitive guide on the detector . . the newly-revised “The XP Deus Handbook” as well as the factory-endorsed XP Deus Bootcamp training sessions so if you have any questions, answers are just a call or E-mail away.  Plus, you get a signed copy of the book with your detector!

Alain Loubet (president of XP) and Andy Sabisch hunting a beach in Charleston, SC testing some new features for the Deus

Looking for something new rather than repacked technology?

Well, your wait is over with the introduction of the

Deus from XP Metal Detectors!


XP Metal Detectors is a relative newcomer to the metal detecting field having been founded in 1998 by Alain Loubet.  An avid treasure hunter, Alain saw areas where current metal detector technology and design could be improved upon and decided to start his own company building detectors to address these areas.  Without a full line of existing products which would have the tendency to direct his efforts to tweak existing designs to come up with new models, Alain and his team of developers worked from a "blank slate" and started to design features that addressed recognized issues where they counted - in the field!


It wasn't long before XP detectors were seen in the hands of detectorists that recognized the performance they provided and the finds being unearthed through their use grew exponentially.  The first model was soon joined by additional units offering features and functions not found on other detectors . . . . . and the current line of 5 models has gained a loyal following throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and beyond.


The flagship in the XP line is called the Deus and is truly a revolutionary step in metal detector design rather than simply a small evolutionary change that many model changes tend to be.  Years in development, the Deus is unique in many ways and offers a level of performance that will satisfy even the most "hard-core" of hunters . . . . some of these include the following:


  • Totally wireless . . . . . no coil cable, no headphone wire . . . nothing to get snagged on in the field!  Swapping coils is a breeze since there are no connections or cables to deal with.
  • Feather weight . . . . . the total weight of the entire unit with the control unit mounted on the shaft is 2.2 pounds and less than 2 pounds with it removed . . . imagine a professional-grade detector that weighs less than anything you've seen before!
  • The control unit can be hipmounted, placed in your pocket or left at home . . . . . Yes, believe it or not, the detector can be fully controlled with the touchpads on the wireless headphones!
  • Your choice of 4 operating frequencies (4kHz ; 8kHz ; 12kHz ; 18kHz) so you can pick the optimal frequency for the targets you seek and the sites you search + the ability to shift these in case of outside interference
  • Extremely fast recovery speed allowing you to pick out valuable targets from trash . . . . and that is where the goodies are still hiding!
  • Intuitive menu structure . . . . well laid out and easy to navigate around in when looking to make a specific adjustment . . . . find what you want right away!
  • Full adjustable audio response (number of tones, audio frequency and break points are all easily modified)
  • Notch discrimination
  • Precise ground balance circuitry with 4 separate options - : Tracking (automatic), Pumping (fixes the GB for a specific location), Manual and  Beach (provides an alternate range optimized for salt water beaches)
  • Motion search mode and 4 non-motion modes . . . . switch easily between these for pinpointing or checking targets
  • Extended discrimination range offering enhanced iron identification and rejection
  • Pre-configured factory programs developed from years of actual in-field usage (10 "Turn-on-and-Go" programs) - all of which can be easily modified and saved for future use
  • 5 year parts and labor warrenty


XP designed the Deus from the ground-up and every aspect of the detector was developed to meet a specific requirement the team had identified during the design phase.  Features that have never been found together on a single detector were assembled during the development phase and thanks to the ingenuity of the XP team, came to fruition when the Deus began to roll off the assembly line.


Another example of how XP has incorporated 21st century technology into the Deus and gives buyers the comfort of knowing that they will not be buying a detector that is obsolete a few weeks or a few months after getting it is the Software Update function.  Through the use of the USB connection on the base of the control unit and leveraging the flexibility of an all-digital platform, future updates to the Deus can be downloaded from the XP website and uploaded to your detector . . . . what other detector offers that upgradeability!


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