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The success story of Makro Detector, a company holding an important place in the Turkish economy with large numbers of production, export and employment and also its strong competition in global markets, took start in Istanbul beginning of the year 1986.


The activities of Makro Detector include areas such as Civil, Hobby, Military, Ballistic, Technical and Security systems.

Growing with domestic operations during the 2000's, Makro Detector has become the leading brand in Turkey about detectors and detecting technologies.


The most significant might of Makro Detector, producing digital and high definition, deep, real time visual detectors with 3D graphics and hobby detectors which are more and more popular in the World, is its R&D infrastructure. Thanks to its R&D studies, considered the company's assurance for its future and growth and constantly supported with investments, the technological infrastructure of Makro Detector has reached a peak within its area.


The innovative approach shaped by R&D investments makes it possible for Makro Detector to have a particular and powerful position in the market.

Conducting its activities under controlled conditions required by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Makro Detector is one of the greatest detector producers in Europe with the integrated systems and automation tech it owns.


Makro Detector is one of the world's largest producers with its capability in design developing. Today, being the first among Turkey's most known and prestigious brands, Makro Detector leads in its area with products meeting consumer expectations and its quality of service.



Many of Makro's current line of metal detectors are shown below. Click on any model for specifications and Treasure Hunting Outfitters pricing. 


If you are looking for one of the other models in the Makro line, drop us a line or give us a call as we are a factory autorized dealer and can get you any piece of equipment you might be interested in at similar savings.


We will not be undersold on treasure hunting equipment!

Call us for unadvertised specials before you buy!


MSRP: $779.00



Multi Kruzer

MSRP: $899.00

Gold Kruzer

MSRP: $899.00



Phone:  (734) 230-1121

Ask us about our "XP Deus White Glove" service - your  Deus will be shipped pre-programmed by Andy Sabisch for your area and your type of hunting!

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