Metal Detectors . . . . .

We carry equipment from the top companies and more importantly, know how to get the most out of each model for specific types of treasure hunting.  While all of the companies produce quality equipment, there are certain models that stand out under the conditions in your local area, the type of targets you are searching for, features you want and yes, your budget.  We have travelled across the United States and abroad so we know what the conditions are that you will be facing and can recommend the right detector for you which can be different than what someone 100 or 1,000 miles from you uses.


If you are looking for a package combining a detector and accessories, give us a call and we will put one together for you that meets your exact needs while saving you money.  And don't forget . . . . we take trade-ins as well as consignments if you have an old detector that you are no longer using and want to get something new, give us a call.


With 50+ years of active treasure hunting experience at your fingertip, aggressive pricing and a wide selection of quality gear, Treasure Hunting Outfitters looks forward to your joining our extensive family of satisfied customers dating back decades!

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