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The following books have been selected based on their content and will ensure you find more in the field regardless of how long you have been involved in the hobby.  Even one or two tips that give you an idea or two to try on your next adventure might just allow you to turn up that “bucket list” item you have been looking for.


If you are a coin hunter and have only one book in your library, it has to be this title!  Charles Garrett first penned this book more than 35 years ago and it has been updated regularly since with new tips and techniques that will ensure you find more in the field.  Our copy of the original edition is still reviewed on rainy days and something always jumps out to consider.  With over 260 pages and countless color and B&W photos, it is a “must-have” book for anyone interested in coinhunting!

Relic Hunting

Relic Quest


A Must-Have Reference Book for Proper Research

and Recovery Methods.


Relic Quest is a must-have reference book for the relic hunter that teaches the basics of metal detectors, search coils, hunting techniques, and proper research and recovery methods. It contains practical advice for how to locate productive relic sites and how to perform field reconnaissance of a site. Areas of hunting focus include Civil War, American Revolution, Texas Revolution, the Colonial Period, frontier wars, old home sites and even underwater relic hunting advice.


Topics Include:

  • Underwater Relics
  • Civil War Relic Hunting
  • Relics from Early History
  • Colonial and Frontier Relics
  • Researching Productive Sites
  • Campsite and Ghost Town Relics
  • Detecting Tips and Discrimination
  • Target Recovery and Scouting Tips
  • Target Identification and Signal Processing
  • Detector Technology and Search Coil Types


Ghost Town Treasures


The truth about Ghost Town Hunting, the what, the where, and most importantly, how to find many different treasures waiting to be found. This book is a “must have” for anyone with a metal detector seeking fun and adventure. Get this book and put yourself back into history when these Ghost Towns were thriving communities. Charles Garrett provides plenty of references on how to do it right! Great book for both the beginner and experienced detectorist.


"Ghost Town Treasure" will show you how to find valuable old coins of silver and gold that spilled from pockets during brawling times when fights were common. Find those gold coins that fell underneath the sidewalks in front of old banks and buildings that were gambling halls and saloons. Find the caches that were buried by hermit miners, bank robbers and miserly ordinary folks. No special equipment needed other than your own metal detector. Time for you to go Ghost Town Hunting.

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