Knowledge is the Key to Success!

If you visited the home of a successful treasure hunter, one thing that you will find is a library containing books, magazines and videos on the specific types of treasure hunting they are interested in.  Even if they only came across one useful tip or technique from their purchase, the investment more than paid for itself.


The books contained on this site are books that I have written over the years based on countless hours in the field using the specific equipment covered or being involved in the type of treasure hunting covered. They will help you find more in less time by leveraging the lessons I and others have learned and shared through the books. They have received positive reviews from treasure hunters the world over and you will find your success improving after reading through their pages as others have reported doing.


Remember, that one tip that gave you that "Ah-Hah" moment might just lead you to the best find you have ever made!


Andy Sabisch



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