Minelab CTX-3030 O-Ring Kit

With water hunting season in full swing having an FBS detector that can go in the water is a great options however, if you get water into the housing or battery compartment, your season will quickly come to an end - especially if you are searching in salt water. There has been a great deal of discussion on the forums about the O-Ring used on the battery compartment, the possible use of silicone and other pathways water can get into the housing with some truth and some fiction intermixed. So, a few points to consider:


  • Minelab says that silicone grease is not needed to maintain the seal. Being an avid Scuba diver, silicone grease is used on many of the O-rings including the ones on underwater camera housings which shows there is a reason for and benefit to using it on O-rings. Silicone repels water and by putting a thin coating on the O-Ring, it helps ensure that water does not make it across the surf ace and into the electronics
  • The Minelab gasket is fairly flimsy and in fact, often falls out of the groove when swapping the battery pack. Using a slightly thicker O-ring made of a different material improves the sealing capabilities and locks the clamps in place better than the red O-ring does
  • There is a possible leak path into the housing at the USB plug connection point on the back of the control unit
  • Using one that is significantly thicker may make the clamps snap securely but the added pressure can cause the clamp to fail at an inopportune time.


If you are looking for an alternative to the Minelab kit, Treasure Hunting Outfitters offers the Minelab CTX 3030 0-Ring kit which includes two new battery compartment O-rings, two USB plug O-rings and a container of silicone grease along with instructions for installing and maintaining them.  A $20 investment to ensure your CTX 3030 remains watertight during the height of the summer water hunting season is inexpensive insurance.  In fact, these kits are less expensive than the Minelab kits which include three red battery compartment O-rings and two headphone jack plugs.


Order yours today for $19.95 including shipping in the U.S.  Contact us for shipping costs outside the U.S.


CTX3030- O-ring
19.25 USD

Minelab CTX3030 Complete O-ring Kit

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