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Over the past 12 years, Anderson Detector Shafts has grown from a small company producing just a few products to one known worldwide as the premier source for high quality detector shafts made from aluminum and carbon fiber, hip mount kits, replacement knobs, arm cuffs and more.  Their products work with detectors from virtually every major manufacturer to make them more “user-friendly” in the field which equates to a more enjoyable hunt, longer search time and in the end, more finds in your collection.  Pete Anderson and his team are always looking for the opportunity to design products that can make top-notch equipment even better and listening to treasure hunters has been proven to be the best source of ideas for new projects.


We carry the line of Anderson products so if you are looking for a shaft assembly or any other Anderson product, give us a call and save some money in the process!

Want to make travelling with the Minelab CTX3030 easier?  Look no further the travel shaft for the CTX3030 from Anderson Detector Shaft makes that possible!


The travel shaft comes with two small sections. One is 17” and the other is 16.5”.  Another feature that they carried over from the one-piece replacement CTX 3030 shaft they introduced in 2016 was the location of the coil wire opening.  By moving the opening 4 inches higher it has increased the life of the coil cable. In addition to this improvement, Anderson Detector Shafts also includes a cover which slides over the coil cable and provides additional protection to the coil cable without adding any noticeable weight to the CTX 3030. A container of thread lubricant is also included.


Order yours today and make travelling easier!

CTX 3030 Travel Shaft
175.00 USD

By Anderson Detector Shafts

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